Grupo Zero Waste Energy has proceeded to implement a Crime Prevention Model in accordance with the provisions of article 31 bis of the Penal Code.

With the implementation of this Model, Grupo Zero Waste Energy has created an internal structure for the prevention of the commission of crimes, a sign of its commitment to a business culture based on ethics, transparency and regulatory compliance. To this end, different internal policies have been created, highlighting, among others, the Ethical Channel and the Code of Ethics, which are available to all of our stakeholders.


A Compliance Body has been created in charge of ensuring the coordination and supervision of the operation and compliance with the Crime Prevention Model implemented.


Grupo Zero Waste Energy has created an Ethics Channel ( as a high-level control measure, so that any direct member (administrators, employees, professionals and managers) or any related third party (collaborators or suppliers) can communicate any indication or suspicion of commission of conduct that may involve:

  • A breach of internal regulations: policies, protocols, procedures, prevention model and controls.
  • The commission of acts that are not in accordance with ethical principles and good business practices.
  • The commission of acts that could be criminal.

Any communication will be received by the Compliance Officer as an independent compliance body in charge of managing, monitoring and supervising the group's Crime Prevention Model, which will investigate and give the corresponding course to the communication made.


The Code of Conduct Group Zero Waste Energy It is the "soul of the company" since it contains the principles and values ​​of our organization. The Code of Conduct is governed under the strictest parameters of ethics, transparency and integrity and must be observed as guidelines of conduct in any activity carried out by the organization against any of its stakeholders.