Environmental and Social Policy - Grupo Zero Waste Energy

The Zero Waste Energy is a group of companies committed to society and sustainable development. To this end, we promote and support sustainable projects in our energy complexes.

We are fully aware of the relevance of environmental problems in our world, as they represent a global, cross-border problem. However, we believe that the solution to these problems is based on the individual responsibility of each one, and that way we define our environmental policy.

This has led us to establish a firm commitment to sustainability, based on the key goals of reducing CO2 emissions and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

At Zero Waste Energy, we implement the most advanced technology in all our assets, therefore guaranteeing optimal energy use of the raw materials we consume, while pursuing high performance and maximum availability at all times. This high degree of efficiency leads to a considerable reduction in the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants.

Implementing new technologies to reduce polluting emissions is another key part of our environmental policy, which, together with replacing fossil fuels with renewables and internally generated fuels such as biogas, help, alongside the use of forest biomass, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Zero Waste Energy Group's environmental management policy also pursues managing and reducing waste, discharges, etc., in line with Article 45 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which recognises the right to enjoy a suitable environment and the obligation to conserve it.

Zero Waste Energy has a clear commitment to developing the rural and circular economy, areas in which our environmental policy has found an appropriate synergy. In addition to contributing to mitigate climate change, Zero Waste boosts and promotes job creation, mainly rural.

Managing the raw material used in the different facilities, combined with the way these facilities are set up, helps overcome a range of environmental problems in the regions where they are located. One such example is the use of heat in cogeneration facilities to treat slurry and wet pomace. Any failure to treat these at our facilities would cause serious environmental problems in the areas where they are produced.

The industrial activity carried out in our high-efficiency cogeneration facilities helps to overcome this problem and promote the principles of circular economy and waste, since the end result of the industrial treatment process is incorporated back into the environment. Apart from biogas, examples of reuse also include dry dust from slurry treatment or ashes from combustion processes in biomass boilers, both of which are highly valued in fertilisers. Their reuse is therefore guaranteed, while also ensuring the market does not have to resort to different extractive industries.

All of the above highlights Zero Waste Energy's contribution and commitment to rural development, its search for more sustainable energy, and the decarbonisation of industry, all based strictly on the principles of circular economy and zero waste.

In addition, aware of our responsibility in transforming society and building a better future together, we work under defined principles relating to social issues and good governance.

The key to our success lies in people, with a team of expert and committed professionals. We believe in people and take care of their safety. At the same time, we foster a solid and proactive relationship with the community and ensure respect for Human Rights in all our activities.

We are committed to good governance, and develop our activity in an ethical and responsible manner in line with best practices, trends and recommendations.