Zero Waste Energy is a group of companies specialized in energy solutions for the generation of renewable, sustainable and efficient energy.

In our Group we firmly believe in the principles of energy transition, circular economy, energy efficiency and decarbonization of the industry, standards that we rigorously apply in the management and operation and maintenance of each and every one of our assets.

Since our inception, we have been committed to producing renewable energy through innovative, efficient and profitable operating models, based on the principles of zero waste and decarbonization of the industry.

Our Group currently manages two biomass plants, an agroforestry biomass treatment logistics center and five cogeneration plants mainly for the treatment of waste from the olive oil sector and the treatment of slurry from pig farms.

Likewise, we provide general services, comprehensive management and operation and maintenance services to various companies, focusing the provision of our services on the main objective of developing and implementing a more efficient and sustainable energy and industrial model.