Our activity covers all parts of the value chain in the energy industry, focusing particularly on consultancy and comprehensive management of cogeneration and biomass plants.

At Zero Waste Energy, we are leaders in sustainable energy generation services and in treating and recovering by-products from the agri-food industry.

General services

At Zero Waste Energy, we firmly believe that providing these general services is one of our standout features compared to other companies in the sector.

Providing these general services allows us to constantly manage all our portfolio assets on a daily basis, along with those assets of third parties to whom we provide comprehensive, personal, efficient advice. The professionals providing these services assume the management, planning, coordination and supervision of all technical, technological and administrative processes for each of our assets.

The main services we provide could be encompassed within the following areas:







Operation and Maintenance Service (O&M)

Our O&M team has extensive experience in managing power generation assets, and in searching for and implementing efficient energy solutions for the generation of renewable, sustainable energy and waste treatment.

The experience of our professionals guarantees comprehensive management of each and every one of our facilities. This comprehensive management is based on:

  • Reliability of assets, achieving high levels of availability. These high availabilities are achieved through the implementation of an advanced maintenance system, characterised by our experience in applying predictive maintenance techniques through the most advanced 4.0 technology and digitalisation of the processes, and in our corrective maintenance system.

  • Extensive experience in negotiating with energy utility companies (natural gas supply contracts, electricity supply and management of commodities), all with the aim of minimising market risks for our assets.

  • Flexibility and transparency. Advanced real-time information and reporting system, with definition of KPIs and management reports adapted to each asset and process.

  • The search for efficiency and sustainability as our main goal. We avoid the emission of approximately 267 kT of CO2 per year by efficiently managing our assets.