The Zero Waste Energy Group is committed to the digital transformation of the energy sector

The company is committed to the change towards digitization, setting an example with its constant drive for transformation, both of people and of its asset management processes and services to third parties. "The goal is to optimize processes, improve competitiveness and offer new added value by reducing costs," says the Group.

For some years now, ZWE has been immersed in a digital transformation project incessant to which the entire team is committed. However, the weight of digitization falls on three sections of the Group: the Information Technology Department, the Operations Department and the Production Department. These three areas have been a connecting link and those in charge of addressing this digitization process, developing and implementing improvement projects in different areas to achieve a proactive management model that allows preventive action. ZWE highlights that "the action of these three sections has been decisive in maintaining a balance in the organization's technological ecosystem". The digitization process is advancing by leaps and bounds. So far, implemented improvements in industrial monitoring processes, in asset management procedures (TPM), in BackOffice techniques and in data management and reporting, among others.

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